Web development icons

Web development icons


A set of icons in the states Inactive/Highlighted.
Colorful and suitable for a blog or a site to promote an open source project.

The set contains : Plus icon, Minus icon, Expand icon, Collapse icon, Red cross icon (Stop or Cancel), Green tick icon (OK or Apply), Check box icon, Radio Button icon, Warning icon, Envelope icons, Heart icon, Star icons (Full, half and empty), thumb up and thumbs down icon (karma or popularity), Home icon, 8 Arrows (up, down, left, right), Red cross in a hexagon (Stop), Error icon, 3 RSS icons, 3 label icons (green, blue, red), Magnifier icons, Refresh icon, World globe icon, Key icon, Lock icon, Folder icon, Pencil icon, 3 cart icons, Trash bin icon, Comment icon, Download icons, Buddy/User icons, 3 Next item (or forward) icons.
(Free for non-commercial use)
By www.icojoy.com


Web development icons
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